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“Hey Lydia,” Indigo Fairchild said excitedly. “can we go for dinner tonight?” she added. “Ok maybe that would be nice,” Lydia Brandwood added, kind of confused. “I promised my mother that i would hang out with her tonight.” “Ok that’s fine, what about tomorrow?” Indigo asked hopefully. They kept discussing. In the end it ended up being tomorrow. Lydia went home. ”Hey Mum.” Lydia said to jocelyn as she walked through the door. “Let’s get the board games out. It’ll be just like old times.” Jocelyn said, excitedly. Lydia went to go get food from their favourite shop, Jade Wolf. When she got to the shop she went in the door. Someone had put a bag over her head. She struggled. She kicked them. She hit them. She screamed out “HELP ME!” Jocelyn…show more content…
“The last place that I saw her was,” Jocelyn thought for a while. “right here in the living room,” Indigo got out her notebook. “We were going to play board games tonight. She offered to go get chinese food from the Jade Wolf. After that I heard nothing, but when I tried to call her some man picked up.” “Can we call her now?” Indigo said thinking of a great plan. She was going to record the phone call, then go see the police, to see if they know who he is. “Maybe you should call her on your phone so it is not as suspicious.” Jocelyn said. Simon called her. Indigo was recording it. “Hello, you know if you ever want to see her again you are going to have to hurry up. You only have 72 hours, or she dies.” he said quite literally. “Who are you, and what do you want with my friend? Simon said angrily. “Oh Lydia, your little boy friend wants to make sure that you are safe. Isn’t that sweet. Too bad you never see each other again.” The strange man said as he hung up. Simon started to cry. “If I never see her again then I will never be able to tell her that I love her.” he said crying some more. “You love her? Not just as a friend?” Indigo said. He smiled. “ We need to go to the station to hand this in so that we will see her again. They arrived at the police station. They ran in the doors and went straight to the captain. “Can
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