Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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''What are we going to do?'' Panicked Cisco, helplessly looking in horror the Dominator's ship slowly, but surely going down. ''Can't you use the ship's tracker to keep it away from Earth? Long enough to get inside?'' He quickly inquired to Sara. ''There's no time for that, Cisco, and even if there was this ship is way too big to get any grip on it.'' Answered the Captain, raising her voice and quickening the speed of her words in the emergency of the situation. ''We have to do something. '' Pressed Stein. They didn't do all of this only to lose Barry now. ''We sh-'' ''Get us in contact with S.T.A.R. Lab, now!'' Suddenly ordered Cisco, interrupting his friend. ''On it.'' Instantly said Sara without debating or questioning the order, …show more content…

While the cold didn't usually affect the Girl of Steel, she still found herself shivering the moment she spotted her target, despite the snowstorm going on. The storm wasn't big enough to hide the large, profound and long trail in the snow created by the crashing ship 'til it went to a complete stop in this snow desert. ''Oh no.'' She whispered, flying over the newly crashed, still smoking, alien spaceship. Delicately landing on her feet barely a couple of feet away, she walked the remaining distance separating herself from the broken, crushed, spacecraft. Was there any survivor at all? Gathering herself and gaining control over her fear that she might be too late, Supergirl switched to x-ray vision. All there was to see was dead corpses of aliens under debris, all over. Scanning around, she finally spotted something different, something still emanating heat, something still alive, more like someone judging from small, none-Dominator form. ''Barry!'' She exclaimed with a renewed hope. Using her heat vision she cut open a breach on the side of the carcass, barely wide enough for her to sneak inside, close to her target. Walking over, under and around every debris and death aliens Kara quickly made her way to the main control room, full of broken pieces of equipments, dead aliens and fallen pieces of the walls covering up the floor. ''Barry? Can you hear me?'' Carefully looking

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