Chapter Summary Of Beastly By Alex Flinn

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Chapter 7- In this chapter I learned what literary canon was. I learned that it is a master of works that are usually studied in college. Writers use elements from kiddie stories to shape their stories. Most of the time this is too complex to put in a text. Foster also talked about how writers we know tend to take the basic fairytales and kiddie stories and add depth to them. We all know for example The Wizard of Oz was turned into Wicked. He also talked about how when reading these type of stories, we want the strangeness and suspicion but at the same time, we also want to be familiar with the characters and know who they are. We want to be able to relate to the story in some kind of way. Our responses to a story are conditioned our encounters before with the original …show more content…

Foster also talked about how fairytales. The bible, mythology and other literary works are apart of one big story. My first example the relates to the chapter is the book “Beastly” written by Alex Flinn which is based on “Beauty and the Beast” but in a more modern way. The way this book relates is Kyle (the beast) is a mean guy who always pulled pranks on people. Until one day he got cursed and then turned into a hideous beast and the only way to break the spell is to have a girl fall inlove with his beastly form and kiss him as proof of her love and the curse will be reversed. Another example that relates to this chapter would be the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens. Which is about a boy Pip who is controlled by Mrs. Joe( evil step-mother). He then runs into Magwich (fairy godmother) who motivates Pip to learn and love Estella

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