Chapter7 Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter7: The New Age and Related Novel Unsupported Therapies (NUSTs) in Mental Health Science poses the discussion on the pseudoscience of the New Age therapies as these method of therapy was popular among pseudoscientist back then as well as still being practice among people in the mental health field. As the term New Age therapies can be defines as an unconventional and mystical practices, the term “novel unsupported therapy” also shows the same definition as it provided insufficient evidence to support their claim or theory in the treatments based on the American Psychological Associations (APA) standards. Interestingly, the chapter emphasize on influence of the New Age therapies in the past decades as the “belief system” was eventually …show more content…

Lawsuits regarding RMT that associated with recovering realistic false memory and experiences of the patients, illustrates that the treatments is not suitable for patients as the author further exemplifies a study regarding an experiments where they planted fake memory about alien abduction in the patients’ mind which resulted in having more realistic experiences compare to the control group. This shows that fake memory could produce realistic experiences towards the patients and could lead to severe consequences. Parts work therapy on the other hand deals with identifying and labeling parts of an individual’s personality usually without the diagnosis of DID. Parts work is commonly associated with IFS therapy that assume traumatic patients poses subpersonalities of DID in order to cope their aversive events which usually link with negative traits. These traits are ‘treated’ in order to uncover the true-Self which is the ultimate goal of the therapy. Although the treatment sound legitimate, but there are insufficient evidence in supporting the therapy

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