Chapters 1 Vs. 22-24: A Bible Study

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1. Vs. 22-24
The next day the Crowd realized that Jesus was gone. The disciples had been seen leaving on a boat, but Jesus had not entered the boat. Since there was no other boat, the crowd assumed He was still there, so they did not leave. However, other boats had come near the place, so they make the conclusion that He had left. So, finally realizing that He was really gone, they also took boats and went to Capernaum looking for Him
This confirms that the leaving of Jesus was miraculous or at least unexplainable to the people.
2. Vs 25-27
The crowd found Jesus in the synagogue, asking Him the question When, Instead of How, did He get there. Jesus responds to their first question: Rabbi, when did You come here, with an answer they were not looking for; A question of greater importance: Their motives for looking for Him. Being at the miracle He performed in the previous passage (Feeding of 5,000), and …show more content…

Vs. 47-50:
Verses 47 and 48 restates the points in verses 35-41. Jesus offers eternal life to everyone who believes in Him. He can give this life because He is the eternal “Bread of Life”. Again faith required for this is ‘obedient’ faith.
a. I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever: It is a figure of speech from Jesus. He is stating that He is the way to salvation for us. When we come to Him with faith, we will live with our Father in Heaven for an eternity.
This all started because of the Crowds doubt in Jesus. They still wanted to see if He could give them more Bread, like at the manna. They did not realize that the people who ate at the manna still died. The food they ate only sustained them for a time when they were in the wilderness, but they eventually died. Jesus was offering them something far greater than Moses’ manna, but they were rejecting it because they were thinking physically. Jesus then restates what He has been saying the whole time: That He is the Bread of Life.
8. Vs.

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