Character Analysis: Moon Chosen

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Some types of people are very similar to each other and others are completely opposite. In the book I read, called Moon Chosen, there are many scenarios that I believe are bizarre; however, the different people that I read about, think it’s totally normal. There are also parts in the book showing how the characters have different cultures, and how they think about each of the differences. Some examples of the differences between the character’s and my own culture are: laws, sports and games, ceremonies, religion, food, music, art, dance, gender roles, and also clothing. There are three groups of people in Moon Chosen, including the Earth Walkers (also known as Scratchers), the Companions, and the Skin Stealers. Each of these groups have different …show more content…

In the book, the Earth Walkers, Companions, or Skin Stealers do not have many recreational sports or games considering it’s all based on survival. Their sports and games are hunting and gathering vegetables for food or medicine due to the fact that they no longer have technology. “I’ll get the snares today. It’ll be your turn tomorrow.”(520) That is what an Earth Walker says when they are running out of food, so they need to hunt for their own food. I, on the other hand do not need to hunt for my own food and can just meander to the grocery store if I become hungry. They also don’t have any games that we do today because the book takes place in the future, where everything is in ruins and all the animals in the city are …show more content…

For instance, one of the ceremonies that Earth Walkers do, is naming the apprentice of the Moon Woman (118- 121). Another example of a ceremony that the Companion group has, is when a companion dog has chosen its person (69). One ceremony I have is Confirmation, which is when I become a member of my church. The ceremony that Skin Stealers do, I believe, is quite bizarre. “The God would accept his sacrifice, and then She would answer him, and he would be eternally in Her service.” (28) This is what Dead Eye the Skin Stealer is thinking when he wishes to become a Harvester for the people. The Skin Stealers must receive a sacrifice and bring it before the God; if the sacrifice is accepted, they can ask Her one question and the God will answer. Only then, can a person become part of the Skin Stealer

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