Character Analysis Of Catherine, Called Birdy

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In the novel, Catherine, Called Birdy, by Karen Cushman, the main character, Catherine is a 14-year-old girl who lives during the Medieval time period. Catherine’s mother tells her, “You are so much already Little Bird, why not cease your fearful pounding against the bars of your cage and be content.” But Catherine cannot be content because she is facing so many conflicts. For example, Catherine is experiencing multiple conflicts and one of them is that she wants to go ice-skating with Perkin and Gerd the miller’s son, but her mother would not speak of it, so Catherine made her a potion of peony root and oil of roses, then she made a list of things that girls aren’t allowed to do. Another conflict is that Catherine wants to avoid having to sew and embroider, but her brother Edward wants her to write every day to grow less childish, so she and her mother made a bargain, then she may forgo spinning as long as Catherine writes this account for Edward. Catherine also wants to ignore suitors that her father chose to marry her, but they do not meet Catherine’s standards, so she tries to get rid of them any way she can, then her father sends her another one. In addition, Catherine wants to go see a hanging, but her mother would not let her go, so she just went with Gerd anyway, then she was disgusted when she saw the hanging. Then Catherine wants to run away to an abbey, but she is a girl and is stubborn and clever, so she thought about it a little bit more, then decides not to,
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