Who Is Ed Wuncler's Greed

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Ed Wuncler’s greed takes over his personality so much. Ed Wuncler is portrayed as a fat white guy in a suit. This is usually the image painted in everyone’s head when they think of a rich or powerful man. Ed Wuncler believes that healthy food attracts the wrong crowd and that he needs to be thinking "urban, negro, the black thing" about food before he opens Granddad's soul food restaurant. Ed Wuncler knows that people who eat healthy do two things that are bad for business: they make smart choices in life and are aware about politics. Wuncler views Granddad's Itis-inducing meals as the quickest route to cash, and could care less if the food destroys the community. Ed Wuncler is all about making money, regardless of what has to be done in the process. Viewers of the show know of Wuncler’s money missions based on his other endeavors. He makes Jasmine sell lemonade so that she may save enough to buy a pony but in the by the end of the episode he ends up with all of the money due to the contract they signed. In the end of “The Itis” after Granddad’s restaurant gets shut down, Wuncler does not even care because his main goal was to get the health place across the street so that he could “develop” it. With all these quick and easy “get money” schemes that Wuncler has, it is clear as to why he has so much money. Wuncler is a person with money and power and those are two attributes belonging to one corrupt person. Corruption is found in not only cultural capital but also in

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