Anton Chigurh Character Analysis

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Anton Chigurh: A Sociopath with Principles In Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh is a hitman tasked with recovering drug money stolen by the main protagonist, Llewelyn Moss. Chigurh is completely ruthless and he allows nothing to interfere. Chigurh kills without thought or remorse but paradoxically follows “moral” principles that are based solely on chance. In the novel, Anton Chigurh is portrayed as sociopathic, arrogant, yet ironically trustworthy. First, Chigurh’s characteristics are consistent with those of a sociopath meaning he does not feel emotion and he lacks empathy. Throughout the novel, Chigurh kills every man and woman who obstructs him without expressing any sign of remorse. Chigurh callously states that his victims always say “you dont have to do this” just before he kills them (257). While he is explaining to Carla Jean why he must kill her, Chigurh tells her that it is pointless to plead for her life because he intends to kill her regardless. Given that he is sociopathic, Chigurh feels no compassion for his victims who are begging for their lives. They fear death, an emotion Chigurh has never felt. Shortly after their conversation, Chigurh shoots Carla Jean despite her pleas. Additionally, Chigurh ruthlessly kills anyone to accomplish his task more efficiently. For example, Chigurh kills a deputy and a bystander, Bill Wyrick, for the sole purpose of stealing their cars. After killing the innocent man with the cattle gun, Chigurh

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