Character Analysis Of Emma's House, By George Knightley

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The protagonist is called, Emma Woodhouse.
The first sentence of the novel describes her as a “handsome, clever, and rich girl, with a comfortable home and happy disposition”, a sentence that I immediately associated with the snobbish societies that were common in that period. That’s why I wasn’t looking forward to reading the rest of the story. And my presumption was met in the first chapter where she only seemed to care about herself. She seemed to be a classic example of a “menefreghista” as we say in Italian, that means that she is a person with an uncaring or couldn't-care-less attitude.

I was really surprised when things took a turn real quick and it wasn’t just a story about a spoilt, rich girl, with rich-girls problems anymore. It …show more content…

He is important in the story because he serves as a model of good sense and is the only one who openly critices Emma and points out all her flaws and foibles. Not because he is bitter or enjoys making people feel down, but out of genuine concern and care for her. He therefor is my favorite character. His unfailing honesty is tempered with tact and kindheartedness.
He has had some lapses of judgment and self-control, but they were only caused by his uncontrollable love for Emma. He immediately makes clear that he doesn’t like Frank and everyone knows Knightley just feels jealous and does not welcome the new rival. This jealousy causes Knightley to behave very uncharacteristicly impulsive; he escapes to London to declare his love to Emma. This loss of control just makes clear that he is just a normal human being with feelings.
Frank is the typical smooth bad boy, girls like so much. He epitomizes attractiveness in speech, manner, and appearance. A lot of people don’t trust him, but everyone except Knightley is charmed enough to indulge him. He really seems to be the manly version of Emma, that’s probably why they get along so

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