Character Analysis Of Flowers For Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon In the short story, “Flowers for Algernon”, Daniel Keyes writes about an intellectually disabled man named Charlie Gordon. Charlie’s goal is to become intelligent. Charlie volunteered to be in a medical trial that would help him triple in intelligence. The operation did work, and Charlie’s intelligence tripled very quickly. However, very soon after, his intelligence began to quickly decline. Charlie ended up with the same amount of intelligence that he started with. Charlie Gordon is not better off as a result of the surgery. He was lonely, much more aware of his flaws, and he had much less hope at the end of the story. Charlie Gordon was very lonely at the end of the story. Before Charlie had the operation…show more content…
This makes him upset and angry at himself for not understanding what was happening. On page 193, Daniel Keyes writes, “I’m ashamed.” This was the first time that Charlie truly showed his emotions and understood how it felt to regret something. After the operation, Charlie felt things like shame, regret and loneliness. However, before, he didn’t feel any of these. Such emotions can make someone depressed, which is exactly what Charlie was. Daniel Keyes illustrates this when Charlie says “It is hard to throw away thoughts of suicide.” (page 302) This shows just how serious Charlie’s condition really was at the end of the story. For these reasons, Charlie is more aware of the things that he does wrong after the surgery. To continue, Charlie has much less hope after the operation. Once Charlie realizes that his intelligence is likely to decrease juristically, he starts to lose hope in ever staying as smart as he used to be. In the beginning, he was always so hopeful and trusting of everyone around him and himself. Daniel Keyes describes this idea when Charlie says “Their going to use me! Im so exited I can hardly write” (page 286) This was in the beginning when all Charlie wanted was to be smart and be given a chance to be in the experiment. This quote shows how happy and excited Charlie was when he was told that he would be used. Charlie carries this excitement through most of the story, meaning that he continues to be happy. Once his intelligence begins to

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