Character Analysis Of Great Expectations

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Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens was about the path of life for one fellow, his name was Pip. Pip grew up in a small rural village but soon his life would pull him into the busy streets of London. Dickens would use this young child with a rocky family background to share hardships, love, sadness, and realization in order to add familiarity to his readers, making him a relatable character. Dickens wrote this book to be able to give insight into the social reforms that were slowly starting to change during this time in London. He uses the story to draw attention to how people at this time equated wealth and upper social status with good; poverty and lower social status with bad. Dickens illustrates this through Pip’s…show more content…
I 'm your second father. You 're my son—more to me nor any son. I 've put away money, only for you to spend” (Dickens 251). Even in all of the good deeds Magwitch did for Pip, it took him awhile to warm up and appreciate what Magwitch had done. Pip still could not let the fact that he was a convict go. To him there was nothing special about Magwitch. It was almost as if Pip was embarrassed by him. It was not until Pip’s last moments with Magwitch did he truly see that his past did not define Magwitch. As Magwitch laid upon his deathbed Pip took his hand. “I pressed his hand in silence, for I could not forget that I had once meant to desert him” (Dickens 360). Pip now fully understood the extent Magwitch went through for him. “Are you in much pain today?” “I don’t complain of none, dear boy” (Dickens 360). Magwitch died shortly after, his last remaining words never leaving Pip’s ears. Pip now realizing Magwitch never complained about his circumstances and that even though he was a convict it allowed Pip to be thankful. The best words Pip could say in that time was “O Lord, be merciful to him a sinner” (Dickens 361)! Pip asked for mercy for Magwitch. Dickens shows that Pip saw good in Magwitch even though he was a convict. Shortly after Christmas morning Pip was called upon by a lady whose name was Miss Havisham. She was known to be well off and a little crazy. Pip was supposed to come over and play. When Pip came over, he met
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