Character Analysis Of Hidden Figures By Margot Lee Shetterly

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The book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly was a fascinating book filled with many details summarizing what had initially happened in early American Society from as early as 1942. In addition, It helped inform us with detail based upon issues at that time such as: racial segregation, feminism as well as equality. In this book we go into depth mainly on trial equality and what life was like back then in comparison to today's society where there isn’t much racial tension as much as there was before. Margot Lee Shetterly in the book hidden figures has done a remarkable job bringing us through historical remnants behind this book. Moreover, throughout this book we get a better look on how racial segregation played a role leading to what …show more content…

Katherin along with her family had moved to west virginia so that she could further her education; she was so determined she graduated at the age of 14.
Katherine a determined woman she began college at the age of 15 taking every math course the college could offer and graduated in 1937 with degrees of math and french at age 18, she was a great mathematician she soon heard that NASA was looking for new people and were open to hiring african american women. In addition, 8n 1958 Goble worked as an aerospace technologist, but by the time electronic computers came began to come out many of the women human computers that nasa had used to help figure out mathematical problems, but not katherine she was trusted more than an actual computer itself they believed she could do a more accurate job than the computers themselves.
Dorothy Vaughan Dorothy Vaughan was a pioneer mathematician when America was fighting World War 2; with most of the men having left to fight there were many jobs out there offered to African american’s that were not usually offered. NASA needed to fill jobs to process Aeronautical data. In 1943 Dorothy was a high school math teacher, the day she went to the post office reading a notice NASA was in search for a mathematician. Not only did she decide to take the risk in applying for the job but she believed it would change her life and took

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