Character Analysis Of Hit Count

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Nathan Juhl Mrs. Daigle Pre-AP English 03 October 2017 Independent Novel Project: Hit Count Main Characters A- The protagonist of the book Hit Count by Chris Lynch is Arlo Brody. Arlo is a freshman in highschool and is in love with the game of football. Arlo is hardworking and determined to play highschool football for the varsity team even though his mom quotes head injuries from ´the file´. Arlo is one of the best players on the varsity team and makes all of the monstrous plays and that is enough to convince him that everything is okay.¨All I ever wanted to do was hit people¨ (Lynch 1). B- The antagonists of the book Hit Count by Chris Lynch is Arlo's mom. She is the Antagonist because she always trying to oppose Arlo´s dream …show more content…

Identify the main characters. A- Arlo is a flat character because he only shows 2 emotions throughout the whole novel. The first of the two emotions is determination. Arlo shows determination throughout most of the novel when he is trying to make the Varsity squad and eventually go to play in the NFL.¨I was big and i was determined¨ (Lynch 17). B- Arlo's Mom on the other hand is a static character. She is a static character because she only has one emotion and she never changes throughout the whole novel. Arlo's Mom is always worried about Arlo and head injuries. ¨Just make sure you read the file¨ (Lynch 13). 3- Conflict The main conflict of the novel is when Arlo gets too many head injuries or concussions to play football.¨My head felt like someone was actually turning a big screw, driving it into the bone and brain with a turn, then a turn, then a turn¨ (Lynch 273) Arlo was sad when he had found out because he never thought that he would never not be able to play football. Arlo got so many head injuries that he could never play football again. Also, when this was happening, Sandy was happy because she did not want Arlo playing football anymore either. Arlo's mom was right, She had a whole file of head injuries, and she had always said that he shouldn't play

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