The Long Term Effects of Concussions in Children Essay

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We have all heard of the term “sports injury”. Usually an accident that occurs when engaged in a sport, the ideal can apply from something as frustrating as a rolled ankle to the more debilitating shock of a broken arm. Yet the fact remains that these physical ailments will heal, and properly, if they are treated properly. But what about concussions? What are the long term effects? In her brief editorial in TIME magazine, Alexandra Sifferlin explores the effects of concussions and specifically how they affect children if they aren't disclosed. In her article, More Concussions Prolong Kids Recovery Time (Sifferlin), Alexandra claims that “having more than one concussion can prolong a child's recovery” (Sifferlin). It's a great place to …show more content…

Unfortunately, that is where the initial train tracks end and the terrain up ahead goes awry. In her fourth paragraph, she basically explains that the research done in humans supports the research done in animals on the same topic. It leads the reader to question if she was only bringing up concussions in humans to work backwards to support claims for animals. Furthermore, how does knowing this knowledge, as stated, help the researchers to effectively support their claim? If they have already done the proper research in kids for concussions, then why do they need to go back over the research done in animals? How does that redundancy help bring credibility to an already credible source? It's quite confusing. But alas, Miss Sifferlin's goal wasn't to be logical or analytical. The goal of her paper is to appeal to parents and coaches about the ramifications of letting kids “play through pain”. Sadness wells up for the amount of children affected by concussions, worry for their safety, and hope that more precautions will be taken. It's not the most delicate of subjects to talk about, but it is one that she broaches with the same type of seriousness and finesse that most will find refreshing. All in all, Alexandra Sifferlin's editorial More Concussions Prolong Kid's Recovery Time is a great way to spread information and get a conversation started.

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