Character Analysis Of Little Women In Little Women

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Margaret “Meg” March Brook, the oldest March sister in Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women, is demure yet fierce in her loyalty. Although she cares too much about other’s opinions, she learns to focus on kindness rather than charm and propriety, and value hard work over wealth. Known to be motherly, Meg loves and encourages her friends and younger sisters. She embodies warmth and compassion in her family throughout the book, first when she is living at home with her mother and sisters, and later when she is married. Meg is loyal, compassionate, and gentle. She uses her loving nature to encourage those around her- from the time the story opens, and she is encouraging her sisters to purchase gifts for their hard working mother for Christmas rather than for themselves, to when she is married to John Brook and described as a “most devoted little wife” (page 278). I also put forth my best effort to encourage and care for those I love. Although she is usually quite docile, when her aunt tells her that she can’t love John Brook because he is poor, Meg shows her strong sense of loyalty, exclaiming, “I couldn’t do better if I waited half my life!” (page 225). Alcott says that “Meg hardly knew herself, she felt so brave and independent”, and describes her as “Looking prettier than ever in her earnestness”. Although often reserved, it would be a mistake to describe Margaret March as weak; her strength is evident when fighting for those she loves, and, if one

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