Character Analysis Of Raskolnikov

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He is the protagonist, and during the first part of the book murders two women, and what follows are the consequences of his actions and the emotion turmoil that goes hand and hand with that. Throughout the book his philosophy is because he is a great man, he can commit acts above the acts above the law, and receive no consequences. This idea leads to the internal battle throughout the book about if he was justified in killing the pawnbroker and her sister and if he should turn himself in. His best friend is Razumikhin, and they both were once both once students together, although Raskolnikov no longer goes to school. His sister is Dunya and his mother is Pulcheria. Later in the book he falls in love with Sonya, who is the daughter of a man he meets in a bar. The people in his life tend to take care of him.
Sonya is Raskolnikov romantic interest throughout the book. Sonya is a shy, meel person and throughout the book is easily embarrassed. Her morals are strong, and she maintains her character through the story. She is a religious person and urges others to follow jesus. But despite this she has to prostitute herself to support Marmeladov's drinking problem, he is her father. Raskolnikov thinks that this makes her morally dirty in his eyes, but she does prove throughout the book that what she did, even if it is against her god, was only out of the love of her family, making her morals sound and showing her strength of character.
She is Raskolnikov’s sister, and for a good

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