Character Analysis Of Rick Cantelli

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Rick Cantelli P.I. is the lead character of the Rick Cantelli, P.I. series of novels by fiction author Bernard Lee DeLeo. DeLeo published the first novel of the series Rick Cantelli, P.I. in 2013 to much commercial success. The series of novels are generally classified as adventure fiction.

Rick Cantelli, PI the lead protagonist of the novels is introduced as an ex-Navy SEAL, who works alongside his partner Lois Madigan, formerly of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The series of novels opens to the two former operatives who quitting their jobs and team up to establish a security and investigations agency that they call Madigan & Cantelli Security and Investigations.

The first novel in the series Rick Cantelli PI begins the story of Rick Cantelli a former SEAL and Lois Madigan, a former counterintelligence agent who was once his handler at the CIA team up to start a private investigations business. Everything is going on smoothly as they get clients and make good profits until Stacy Rick’s former high school sweetheart arrives to send everything into a tailspin.

Suddenly they are forced back into the thick of the action as they offer protection to movie stars, face down mobsters, and kill the bad guys. Rick
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Rick and Lo have been contracted by the embassy in Sanaa to consult on a sensitive project. Things come to a head when one of the higher ups in the embassy tries to get them killed. Rick and Lo have never been known to back down and immediately make their statement with a body count. They believe they have eliminated the threat and head back to the US, only to find that it has followed them home. They now find themselves and their friends and family the targets of a bloody feud that they must win at all costs. When revenge is served cold, Rick and Lo have to fight their assailants with no prisoners taken, even as they embrace new
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