Character Analysis Of Scrooge

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This text states that Scrooge was extremely greedy; an example of his greediness would be when the people that were asking for donations visited, he straight up told them he didn’t believe in charity for the sake of the government supplied help to those in need. From the reading, I know that Scrooge was impolite as when he insulted his nephew’s wife and their marriage for it involved love. This article explicitly states him as being a cold-hearted, uncaring, and selfish person when he gave Christmas day off to his employee, and thereupon he says it is the only day of the year his employee can rob him.
The next anecdote that follows that, it says he wouldn’t even give his clerk a fire to keep warm, so his clerk used a candle hoping to stay warm. Based on what I read he had a pointed nose and frost on his head and was always a grumpy elderly man. Nevertheless, he always had a reason to discourage a human being. When the ghost of Christmas past came it showed him where he used to live when he was younger and there were fields on both sides of the road and a gigantic gate that lead to the place. He had seen a bunch of different scenes as children playing, kids running around, and anon there was one lonely boy by himself, sitting in a room. It was seen as if his sister ran into the room and was ecstatic that their father wanted him back and to return.
In the stave following that, which is stave 3 he was met by the ghost of Christmas present and it showed him different people

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