The Characters Of Ebenezer Scrooge

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Most people already have an idea/image for themselves. Many think they are pretty, funny, or even ugly/rude at times. People have a strange way of thinking about themselves, but so do others in a third perspective. If someone asked you “ what do you think about “blank” ?”, the name would make you feel something. People seem never to have a problem talking about who they know, but what if that friend… was Ebenezer Scrooge?
Characters from “A Christmas Carol” already know Scrooge. Most of the townspeople hat this actions, words, and overall through process. While some believe he could’ve changed his ways ( which he indeed did). Family Matters..
Scrooge’s family members truly have faith in him, despite his bitterness. In the story, his nephew truly thinks Ebenezer will always be bitter during Christmas.Fred ( his nephew) is aware of Ebenezer’s decisions of pushing him away, but he deeply reminds Fred of his mother ( Ebenezer’s sister). Fred fully knows that Scrooge is just angry and nasty with his money filled life.
Fred’s wife fully agrees with him, as they kiss and laugh throughout Christmas Eve, toasting to his health. This shows they don’t hate his decisions nor his attitude.
Soon after Scrooge came back to reality, he visits them. His happiness bursts through to door as he pushes it down, and the family is happy to mingle.

In The Workplace

The Cratchit family has hearts of gold and patience for Ebenezer’s insolence. Bob Cratchit, himself, still

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