Character Analysis Of The Movie 'Tommy Boy'

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Tommy Boy Essay
Have you been searching for an adventure filled, slapstick comedy, that your family and friends will love? If so, the movie "Tommy Boy" is the movie to watch. The movie "Tommy Boy" written by Terry and Bonnie Turner, is a humorous movie that shows ambition, along with a strong friendship throughout the film that will have everyone laughing. Throughout the movie, Tommy Calahan, a dimwitted and clumsy man, goes through various ups and downs as he tries to succeed in taking over his father's auto-part business. As he is put to the test to find business owners who will purchase products, to keep his father's business alive, he finds himself in amusing, yet ironic situations. Better yet, Tommy's father's tight wound assistant Richard, goes along with Tommy on an entertaining road trip to different businesses, to try to save the Calahan name (Michaels & Segal, 1995).
In regards to the humor used in the movie, the authors created Tommy Calahan's character to have a giddy, yet loving personality. Tommy's personality is crucial throughout the entire movie because he sheds light on the dark and, at times, serious situations. For example, there is a scene where Tommy puts Richard's petite jacket on and starts dancing around since Richard is upset. While dancing, he sings, "Fat guy in a little coat" to try cheering Richard up, but rips Richard's jacket right down the middle because of how large he is (Michaels & Segal, 1995). Even though he does something wrong and

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