Character Analysis Of The Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong

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In the chapter, “The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong”, we meet an interesting character named Mary Anne. She was a seventeen year old lady who just got out of high school and went to visit her boyfriend Mark Fossie in Vietnam. It started out as just visiting a childhood sweetheart, except it all changed in a matter of weeks. Mary Anne began to take too much interest and she became engulfed in vietnam. She wasn’t all too careful, rather than her swallowing the land, she was swallowed whole by it. Vietnam changed Mary Anne into something she never thought that she would become, she changed into a lone soldier, physically, behaviorally and psychologically.
The first was Mary Anne changed was physically. When Mary Anne first arrived, she was described as, “...tall, big-boned blonde”(89) and with “long white legs and a complexion like strawberry ice cream”(89) These descriptions symbolize how “new” that she was, the perfect example of a lady. She slowly began to learn stuff from the boys around, and she became so committed to her surroundings that she changed her appearance. “...stopped wearing cosmetics, no nail filing, stopped wearing jewelry, cut her hair short”(94) This symbolized the change throughout the weeks, how she changed into somebody completely different than the first day that anybody saw her. She was barely recognizable anymore. Once she started going off with the greenies, she started to look like them. “She wore a bush hat and filthy green fatigues… her face was

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