Character Analysis Of Tom Gatsby

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Fitzgerald uses Tom Buchanan, a disloyal and proud character, in order to suggest some of the traits that may cause one to lose their sense of morality. One of Tom’s most prominent traits is his disloyalty, especially to his marriage. During the dinner party at Daisy’s house in the East Egg, the telephone receives a call, from Tom’s mistress, resulting in Daisy exclaiming “She might have the decency not to telephone him at dinner time, don’t you think?” (Fitzgerald 15). Daisy is frustrated that Tom is cheating on her, but not for the right reasons. Rather than being upset at Tom for having an affair, she is upset because the phone call is merely disrupting the dinner party. One of Tom’s most proud moments takes place at the dinner party with Daisy, Nick, and Jordan discussing races in America and his opinions on it. He mentions that “It’s up to us, the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things” (Fitzgerald 18). Tom upholds the white community in America to be at a higher standard than those that were not born/raised in America. He sees members of the white community as higher beings than those who are not, holding himself at an upper level. Tom continues his disloyal acts throughout the novel. Tom admits his own disloyalty when he confesses “Once in awhile I go off on a spree and make a fool of myself” (Fitzgerald 119). Tom acknowledges his disloyalty to his marriage by openly saying to all that he goes off and does what he wants despite his vows. Now that his affair is known by others, they understand that Tom’s lies and affairs are a direct effect of his immorality. Tom’s pride contributes to his imminent loss of morality. He displays his pride when he suspects that Gatsby is a “newly rich… bootlegger” (Fitzgerald 107). When Tom discovers the fact that Gatsby used to be poor and acquired his fortune by bootlegging, he becomes furious that Daisy would leave him for someone that at a time was penniless. Tom’s pride makes him see himself as a superior being because he is rich and always has been, seeing those who are poor, or used to be, as inferior scum. Tom’s ideology and belief that how much money one has is what defines them as a person is leading him on a path that will
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