Character Development In Beloved

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Beloved is a novel by Toni Morrison based on slavery after the Civil War in the year 1873, and the hardships that come with being a slave. This story involves a runaway captive named Sethe, who commits a heinous crime to protect her child from the horrors of slavery. Through her traumas, Sethe runs from the past and tries to live a normal life. The theme of Toni Morrison’s story Beloved is how people cannot escape the past. Every character relates their hard comings to the past through setting, character development, and conflict.
The primary locations in this novel is in Sweet Home, a small farm containing slaves in Kentucky, and 124 Bluestone Road on the edge of Cincinnati, Ohio. Although the novel starts out in the home of Sethe and her daughter, Denver, Sweet Home is where Sethe’s experiences to the past begins. In Sweet Home, the slave system was taken over by Mr. and Mrs. Garner, a kind couple who treated their slaves like human beings. 124 becomes personified through the paranormal activities in the house, and through the chapter names; 124 was spiteful, 124 was loud, and 124 was quiet. Mr. Bodwin, the owner of 124, tells how the house has a history of paranoia, "Women died there: his mother, grandmother, an aunt and an older sister before he was born" (259).
Through character development, the story also portrays the theme of escaping the past. Sethe’s actions are influenced heavily by her dead child, Beloved. When the “human” form of Beloved arrives while sleeping

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