Character Sketch Of Tolstoy

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2-Tolstoy’s Character. Tolstoy was a multi-dimensional man. In his long career he had been a teacher and educational theorist, a philosopher and social critic, a successful farmer and paterfamilias, a soldier, and a prophet. Above all, however, he was a great artist, and it is on his fiction that his fame at present rests. The literary career of this "great writer of the Russian land" (as his contemporary Turgenev called him) may be divided into three parts: the early period of literary apprenticeship (1851-63), the period of the great novels (1863-77), and the later period of preoccupation with the message of his religious teaching (1878-1910). The works of the early period may be regarded as the "school" in which Tolstoy taught himself to write. He isolated the themes and developed the literary …show more content…

His account focuses heavily on both sides’ tactical successes and failures – from maneuvers in battle to how they handled occupied territory. Before the French surrender, Pierre’s brush with execution becomes a cutting satire of French bureaucracy, which functions so badly that Pierre is nearly executed simply because a general was interrupted while he was deciding Pierre’s sentence. However, the Russians also become objects of Tolstoy’s critique. He depicts disorganization and a lack of professionalism on both sides. The French failures are not limited to their ineffective bureaucracy. “Since the battle of Borodino and the looting of Moscow,” Tolstoy writes, “the French army had borne within itself, as it were, the chemical conditions of its decomposition” Napoleon and his generals seem to have good intentions they order their men not to loot and treat the Russians they meet respectfully. However, the privation and lack of discipline in the French army means that the foot soldiers eagerly and violently loot Moscow at their first

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