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Character of Hamlet "Wer gar zu viel bedenkt wird wenig leisten" -Schiller " He who reflects too much will accomplish little" It is impossible to attain completeness in the assessment of any one's character and more so in the case of Hamlet's, for its note are complex and mysterious. But on rigorous study, Hamlet's character can be described though partly but adequately by the above quote. 'Hamlet' is the most famous, the most popular play in the English language. But to quote T.S.Eliot -"So far from being Shakespeare's masterpiece, the play is most certainly an artistic failure…. And probably more people have thought Hamlet a work of art because they found it interesting, than…show more content…
Here Amleth directly knew that his uncle was guilty quite in contrast to Hamlet's case and Amleth's life was in great danger also in contrast to Hamlet's as his uncle Claudius was fond of his nephew. He takes good care of him and calls him his "son" as well. There is no great apparent danger to Hamlet's life from Claudius until he is aware that Hamlet knows of his devilish act of murdering the King Hamlet. In the case of Amleth he had every reason to act as if he were mad because that was necessary to him to accomplish his "duty" of avenging his father's murder. It is hard to understand why Hamlet pretends madness when he could have done what he had to with great ease and no one would have objected to Claudius' dethronement as Claudius was not popular with his people, which is quite evident from the fact that Laertes could raise a public revolt against the king so boldly. In Amleth's case it was completely different, his uncle had complete support in the coup. And A.C.Bradley further observes that Shakespeare was not properly able to link all the portions of Amleth's story into 'Hamlet". The other way of analyzing Hamlet is from the play itself. This is the most fascinating part and it makes the most interesting reading. First and foremost we must go to the backdrop in which the play is set and the introduction of Hamlet into the play. The country is

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