Characteristics Of A Good Film In The Movie

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All good movies must have three qualities. The first quality a good movie must have is believable characters that we care about. The second quality of a good movie is a well written plot. Third, the movie must have a universal theme. The movie “Taken” was directed by Pierre Morrel and written by Luc Besson and Robert Kamen. In “Taken” Liam Neeson plays a retired CIA agent by the name of Brian Mills. After retirement Bryan feels like he has to bond again with his daughter Kim who is played by Maggie Grace. Since Kim lives with her mother Mills isn’t always able to visit her. Once he is able though, he invites Kim to a dinner. Using the opportunity, Kim asks her father for permission to go to Paris. Once in Paris Kim and her friend Amanda gets kidnapped by sex traffickers. Amanda is played by Katie Cassidy and is a high school graduate that befriended Kim while she was still in high school. The cause of the kidnapping was mostly Amanda's fault since she was the one who gave away that they were staying alone. In a sequence of events Mills puts all his skills to use and is able to free Kim, but sadly doesn't find Amanda alive. With Kim freed, Bryan and Kim reunite and form a bond. In order to be considered a good movie “Taken” must have believable characters, a well written plot, and a universal theme. The first quality of a good movie is believable characters that we care about. In “Taken” the main character is Bryan Mills. Bryan is a retired CIA agent that is not together

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