Characteristics Of A Special Person

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In today’s society, everyone is different from one another, and no one is the same. Each of the people is made of different characteristics which are to why makes them the special person. Characteristics play a role in this special person, and it defines accurately aspects of personality. After pay attention to the people surrounding me: intelligence, responsible, and reliable are the most important people to be around with. Firstly, people will always remember the intelligence people and will never forget them. Intelligence people are the type that can control their own emotion and always out there solving problems or discover new things. For example, Steve Jobs, the co-founders of Apple Company, was known as a hero to many people. Even though he passed away, he had influenced many people during the time that he still alive and they still remember him till this day because of his intelligence. He was a dropped out college student who was a millionaire by the age of 25. In addition, an intelligence person knows how to balance their work times and family times Sometimes people get carry away with their works, and they forget to spend time with their loved ones. Whereas an intelligence person, they will find effective time to spare for their family. For example, my dad is a busy man. He works every day from 5 am to 3 pm and sometimes he work on the weekend too. Despite his busy work schedule, he still manages to balance his time to be with us. Often time when people that
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