Personality Reflection Essay

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Personality reflection Melody Jones PSY/250 April 14, 2011 Murray Johnson What is a personality? A personality is a reflection of a person identity of a human being but we don’t share the same type of personality. There are so many different type of personality in the world some people have outgoing, shy, crazy, and settle personality. There are some people where there culture and surrounding shape their personality traits. In my culture and surrounding it has help me shape my personality in many ways. There are several keys factor about my personality that shapes the person I am today. When I was a little girl I use to wonder what type of personality I have the type of personality quality I have are ambition, strength, free…show more content…
Love is has been this driving force in my life in a big way. I strongly believe to give love you have to open your heart and mind. The last key component about my personality is free spirit. I will try to anything once or twice to get a laugh or just for the thrill of it. My personality trait are consistent they barely change in any giving situation. I always try to the laughter in a bad situation or show love to other when they are in a bad situation or good situation. I have a caring personality. I would have to agree with Jung theory I like to motivate other to reach their goals therefore they can see their future. There are times where I wonder if my personality is really who I am as a person or is there something else make-up who we are as human being. Have I ever took a personality test that answer will be no I have not taking one but will like to take one to learn more about what type characteristic shape my personality. I would expect the personality test to show my caring ability, motivation levels and strength ability. Also I would like to test tell me about my social skills as a child I did not have good social skills now as a adult I have better social skills do to self confidence that I lack as a child. My personality has grown since I was a child. A personality test will open many doors to my colorful mind. References This is a hanging indent. To keep the hanging indent format, simply
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