Characteristics Of Beowulf

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The epic poem Beowulf reveals many skilled leadership qualities that still have relevance in today’s society even though an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet wrote it during the Dark Ages. The ancient poem recounts elements that every great superior possesses, not only through the epic warrior Beowulf himself, but through other characters as well. Beowulf demonstrates that a leader has confidence; “He is absolutely fearless and supremely confident in his own abilities” (Loughman). The hero dedicates himself to the fight and his people, no matter the circumstances. “An elderly Beowulf puts on his armor for one last hurrah” (Post). He does not show arrogance, but possesses humbleness and has a modesty about him. “Do not give way to pride” (McArthur). Thus, the poem represents these heroic standards of confidence, dedication, and humility that create a charismatic and fearless leader.
Throughout history, all people in a position of great power have specific traits that make them successful enough to maintain their status and respect of their followers. Beowulf teaches us that you cannot be a distinguished leader without confidence. “The boasts he makes before the fight with Grendel (Heaney, 2001) signal a public, inspirational articulation of confidence in his own and his companions’ abilities to overcome adversity in the form of the monster” (Loughman). A leader must have confidence because he needs to make vital decisions to take action for himself, and his people.

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