Characteristics Of Beowulf

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What Type of Leader is Beowulf? In A Journal of Leadership Education, also known as Beowulf the Teaching of Leadership, written by D. Tom Loughman and D. John Finley analyzes Beowulf’s historical and cultural background. In this passage, we can acquire knowledge of how the heroic poem, Beowulf, was composed. You can also learn about the comitatus, friendship they used to have with the Germans. It gives us information about the three episodes of Beowulf, you can learn about how strong Grendel and Beowulf were. In fact, this synopsis of Beowulf is a paramount for Loughman and Finley to discover what type of leader Beowulf could be. Moreover, you will find what a leader is and what a leader does as it appears on the Conger and Kanungo’s Charismatic Leader Model. The two final parts of this article were like a magnet toward my interest because it explains and describes profoundly how Beowulf can reveal insights into leadership, motivation and organizational behavior. I absorbed a myriad of information from this article’s explanations about Beowulf but importantly about a real leader. First of all, the heroic poem Beowulf is evident in light of its numerous translations, editions, audio renditions, and films over the past decade. What the authors do not say is that people can compare this heroic poem with Don Quijote de la Mancha, it was as read it as the poem Beowulf. However, Beowulf was composed in Old English, for some readers it is difficult to understand reading it by

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