Characteristics Of Blood Oranges : Summary : Blood Oranges

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Blood Orange, a deep red color, made from a pigment called anthocyanin. The pigment isn’t normally found in citrus fruit, it is most commonly found in flowers or cherries. The exterior of the blood orange also has a slight red look to it also from the pigment. The orange originates from Sicily and parts of Spain but now grows heavily in California where it is picked and harvested. These oranges are smaller than normal oranges with a thin skin and few seeds. Blood oranges are typically used for their juice or a garnish on salads and savory dishes.
The blood orange’s peak in from the winter to the spring. This is the time where it grows and can be harvested. The blood orange is more expensive than normal ordinary oranges but you are paying for that different look and taste that isn’t found in oranges with the average price being about $11.50 per pound. These oranges are packaged like any other oranges in the net type bags.
Brought over from Spain to Mexico in the 1500’s, the blood peach has now made its way to the southeastern United States. The blood peach was grown by a very famous American, Thomas Jefferson grew and 38 different types of peaches. Now the blood peach can be found in roadside fruit stands, not typically found in the grocery stores.
The blood peach is harvested June to September and can vary in sizes from a few inches around to nearly 12 inches around. The blood orange is typically used as a jam or otherwise quartered and canned because

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