Characteristics Of Canadian Culture

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There are many different views of Canadian culture and to me personally, it refers to our unique culture, identity and values of being Canadian. Canada does not only embody one culture, it instead embodies many other different cultures that co-exist with each other. It is one of the most notable unique characteristics of Canada’s by being such a diverse country. In my preference, in order to follow Canadian culture, you have to follow the Canadian values and beliefs, an example: how Canadians have rights/freedom, and are nice/polite people. Moreover, all Canadians have been associated with things that sets Canada apart from other countries, such as ketchup chips, free healthcare and Canada’s national sport, curling. Canadian culture is represented by uniqueness of Canadians, traditions and values/beliefs of the Canadian people. I like to see Canada as cultural mosaic, rather than a cultural melting pot. One of Canada’s distinct qualities is its multiculturalism, where there is co-existence between different cultures. Canada is mostly made up of immigrants which makes Canada so culturally diverse with different cultures. Canadians take pride in its diversity of its cultures as it makes up Canada. “Multiculturalism is the key factor in building Canada into a greater nation that includes everybody.” Stated by Austin Uthe. I fully agree with Mr. Uthe’s point, to include everybody no matter what race and ethnicity will make Canada a greater nation with everybody having same

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