Characteristics Of Civilization

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Civilization to me is what makes up our lives. As humans we are part of different civilizations, but these civilizations are made up of specific cultures and societies. The actual book definition of a civilization would be, “networks of cities that emerge from pre-urban cultures and are defined by the economic, military, diplomatic, social and cultural interactions among them.” Over the course of the past couple weeks, I have had the chance to listen in on a podcast actually provided by Stanford University. This podcast is being made while a professor is teaching a class covering the geography of world cultures. I believe that geography has a lot to do with civilization, not only because location in this world plays a role in our lives,…show more content…
The podcast itself talks about how people continue to join together. But also talks about how people are equally as divided and why they are divided. In the world we live in, people are divided by languages, cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Language barriers are more common than we think, for example we encounter on a daily basis here in the very Hispanic state of Texas that many people only speak Spanish. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for these people to communicate with only those who speak English, but because we do live in Texas, it is common that a first language be Spanish. Religion is essential in many people’s lives, so it is another major factor when we talk about our world being divided. Civilization and culture play a huge role in religion itself. People’s faith and culture work hand in hand to shape their culture of society and religious practices. In order for us to better understand the different types of civilization, we must explore the various types of culture and societies. The podcast was extremely map intensive. It used maps to explore how places vary from each other, and show the diversity of our world. It also touched base and examined the processes of contemporary transformation. An issue with this podcast is that the maps sometimes would not show up, so if the professor was speaking on a geographic
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