Characteristics Of Leopards And Leopards

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Leopards The name leopard comes from a Greek word meaning leopardus. Which it’s a combination of a lion and a panther. They are also considered as panthers but it just has spots. Leopards look similar to the jaguars but just that the leopards have little spots than the jaguar's spots. These big cats aren’t just any other big cats like the lion, jaguars, and tigers, What makes them different than the jaguars is their coat, how they take care of their cubs, and what their diet is. I know leopards are similar like these other big cats but let's just focus on these unique cats. These panthers with spots have a soft fur just like any other mammals. Most of the mammals fur are soft. Leopards and jaguars have the same patterns of fur, such as spot that are black. “The coat of most leopards is light tan with many dense black spots” (page. 202 - 203) says Schlitter. Which the leopards are described in some people eyes when they see them. As in the jaguars their fur have bigger spots and sometimes have little spots inside the spots. The leopards fur camouflages them into the grass that is around them, when they are being sneaky for their meal of the day.
A leopard’s diet are mostly anything that has considered meat which makes them carnivores. Each time that they go and hunt, they aren’t as picky on what they eat. Everytime that they go hunting for their food they hunt for gazelle, impala, and deer. On occasion when they go hunting they go for monkeys, rodents, and birds.

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