Characteristics Of Life Span Development

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o What is Life Span development? Life span development is the continuous growth and change of humans throughout a lifespan. The study of Life Span development seeks to understand growth patterns, and the change or stability of behavior through the lens of several key characteristics, such as nature vs. nurture (Feldman, 2017). o What are the Characteristics of Development? Psychodynamic perspectives determine and predicts behavior based on subconscious influences particularly focused on unresolved conflict from the past. Behavioral perspectives instead observe external influences from the environment and how those influences effect behavior. Cognitive focuses on patterns in intellectual development. The humanistic perspective is based in free will and that people naturally have the ability and want to improve. Contextual perspectives focus on the context of an individual’s life and how that shapes them. Evolutionary perspective describes behavior due to genetic inheritance. Physical development is what bodily changes humans experience over the lifespan. Social and emotional perspectives are personalities based on a response to environmental influences (Feldman, 2017). o Why is there diversity in Development? There are several main sources of diversity in development. Genetic inheritance is responsible for distinctions in bodily maturation due to general genetic variations. Culture also has key impact because different cultures have different timeline expectations, an

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