Characteristics Of Martin Luther King A Hero

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Martin Luther King Jr was a baptist minister and social activist, who led the Civil Rights Movement, he is known because he fought for other people’s rights.He strongly discouraged any sense of class superiority in his children which left a lasting impression on Martin Jr.What makes him a hero, is all he did for other people and that he stood against many people.Martin Luther King Jr embodies the characteristics of an epic hero because he shows national heroism, because he is capable of deeds of great strength and courage, and because he is a great warrior. He always fought for his beliefs that everyone should be equal:”On October 19, 1960, King and 75 students entered a local department store and requested lunch-counter service but were denied. When they refused to leave the counter area, King and 36 others were arrested.¨(“Martin”). All this actions shows that his beliefs were strong enough to keep fight for what was right and even his home and family got attacked and that shows he is a true hero.Martin Luther King Jr shows a true figure how should a hero should look like by never giving up, even when everything is going out of control. Martin Luther king Jr not only shows he is a great warrior, but he also shows even more like national heroism because he fought for a whole country about what rights should his people have and deserve and he represents a part of a country.Martin Luther King Jr Shows national heroism because,“Martin Luther King Jr.'s life had a seismic

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