Characteristics Of North Korea

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North Korea
North Korea is one of five communist countries in the world. For decades, North Korea government have been able to keep North Korea as the most impenetrable country in the world. Therefore, it has created a lot of curiosity among people to learn about North Korea the mysterious country. In this paper, I will talk about the Physical, Cultural, and economic Characteristics of North Korea also the effects this characteristic have on this country.
The Physical Characteristic of North Korea are extraordinary. North Korea is part of the East Asia Continent and it is located on the Northern Half from the 38th parallel to the Korean peninsula with an absolute location of 40.3399° N, 127.5101° E North Korean capital is Pyongyang and has an absolute location of 39.0392° N, 125.7625° E (World atlas). The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula found in East Asia; that expands Southward for about 684 miles from the Asia continent toward the Pacific Ocean. (New World Encyclopedia, Korean Peninsula). North Korea is nearby two seas the yellow sea and the Bay of Korea which located on the west of this country and to the East by the Sea of Japan. (20.3 North Korea, D eisma). The Northern and Eastern Regions of this country are dominated by steep Mountain and not very fertile. In addition, sheltering forests and Valleys, North Korea has many mountains. The major landform of North Korea is the Nangnim Mountains, the Paektusan, and the Peninsula Korean as already mentioned.
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