Characteristics Of Tala Danda

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Girish Karnad in his Tala- Danda settles the plan for the marriage which is to be ceremonized between to son of a tanner (untouchable) and the daughter of a Brahmin under the guidance and protection of an archetypal figure-Basavanna who is also the votary of sharana movement. He remarks about the poison of casteism and untouchability. Some day this entire edifice of caste and creed, this poison –house of Varnasharma will come tumbling down. Every person will see himself only as a human being. That is invevitable. But we have a long way to go. You know the most terrible crimes have been Justified in the name of Sanatan religion. Since the city of Kalyana is ruled by a Kalachuri king, Bijjala, who is himself a devout follower of sharana religion, Basavana occupies a key post of the treasurer in the administration. Apart form the qualities of statesmanship, Basavanna stands as a staunch devotee who introduces a new faith, the Anubhava Mantapam a spiritual parliament, which stressed openly on the attributes and the specific characteristics of lingayatism for the worship of Lord Shiva. With his reformist enthusiasm and as a humanitarian saint, he believes in the equality of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed religion and gender; but he becomes a controversial figure before the traditionalists when he bears the moral weight of the marriage between Kalavatim a Brahmin;s daughter and Sheelvanta, a cobbler’s son. The complete structural plan and the textual

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