The Sripathi Family Traditions

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It is foolish to think following the community's beliefs and traditions is better than what one believes in. In the novel “The hero's walk” by Anita Rau Badami when family traditions are broken, many harsh consequences are made. In the Sripathi family, decisions made causes society. guilt and female rights to be an issue.
Growing up in a south asian family comes with many restrictions. Society has a big role in what families should and should not do. Especially in marriage. Sripathi is raised in a community where having the same cast, background and family traditions is important when choosing a life partner. Marrying outside of these terms is considered a sin to him. “...His eyes fell on a photograph of Maya, with her foreign husband …show more content…

Reason being (change) her not following the traditions of marrying a man that the people in Bengal married. A south-asian indian man that was of her cast and background. Maya made a choice that was beyond what society and in Sripathis mind believed in. Which led into making harsh decisions. A main thing society has forced is believing in cast systems. Ammayya stays very true to her word and absolutely hates it when someone in her family talks to someone out of their cast. “You are going to that milkman’s house?” Screeched Ammayya “Low-cast People!”(294). This straight up (change) shows why Sripathi cut ties with his daughter. Allan is a white man. Someone that is not a part of the cast system. Also, Sripathis family is very strict on casts. As it is shown interacting with others casts is not something that is recommended. In addition society has such a powerful impact on the way Sripathi and his family think, that guilt rises on all decisions. “Since his return from Vancouver, Sripathi had gone from being an intensely rational man to a deeply superstitious one..He had memorized the little rhyme-Mother saw …show more content…

Badami is shown how females rights is an issue. Women aren’t allowed to do certain things. For example work, leave their homes, and talk with certain people. Maya had told her dad how she was going to marry a white man, instead of a Hindu man. Her dad had nothing to say but “ If you persist in doing this foolish thing...never show your face in this house again. Never” (113). Maya’s dad cares more about what others will think of him rather than how his daughter feels. Since he respects his family's dignity more than anything and her doing something that is never done in the small town, religion will bring lots of negative attention. Likewise, her dad believes the fact that her daughters soon to be husband's people are very bad and have nothing good in them. It is awful to say women face physical abuse and can have zero say in stopping the action being made. Simply from being a female. When Sripathi and his wife had gotten in a fight he had “Without thinking slapped her back, and she stopped crying abruptly” (36). Even Though both Sripathi and his wife are frustrated with each other, that is not a justification for his violence. In this situation the wife can not go and ask for help, As no one will hear her voice in what's wrong. No one will believe her either. Since females have no say, which ties into society telling men, they can do whatever they want. Since females clearly have no

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