Characteristics Of The Byzantine Culture

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IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF SOURCES The focus of this investigation will be “To what extent was the Byzantine empire tolerant of cultural diversity?” and to analyze cultural and geographical characteristics of the Byzantine empire to further understand if this ancient state included diversity and multiculturalism. Therefore, Byzantium, Its Neighbours and Its Cultures: Diversity and Interaction by the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies is a source of great value to this investigation because of the great extent of information about Byzantine culture and the how it functioned from a variety of perspectives that were involved in this conference. Also, Cultural Diversity and the Breakdown of Byzantine Power in Asia Minor by Peter Charanis is a detailed analysis of Byzantium as a whole as well as Byzantine’s social structure, leadership, and the extent of cultural cohesiveness within the empire. Source: Byzantium, Its Neighbours and Its Cultures: Diversity and Interaction, XVIITH Biennial Conference. There is no one specific author because of the nature of the source, being a conference, however the keynote speaker is Professor Jonathan Shepard from the University of Cambridge. Also, there are a variety of speakers from different Universities around the world who participated in this conference. The conference took place at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia from July 20th to July 21st of 2012. This is a secondary source. The country of origin is Australia.

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