Characteristics Of The Caribbean Civilizations

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Dating back to approximately 4000 BC there was evidence that there were persons living in the Caribbean in islands such as Trinidad, Antigua, Hispaniola and Cuba. There were many indigenous people inhabiting the lands of the Caribbean however they all weren’t considered civilizations as they did not display all the characteristics of a civilization such as the group informally called Ciboneys. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary a civilization a relatively high level of cultural and technological development; specifically: the stage of cultural development at which writing and the keeping of written records is attained or the culture characteristic of a particular time or place. For a group to be considered a civilization they must have a religion, written language, technology, art and architecture, politics, social stratification and job specification. Hence out of all the inhibitors there were only two civilizations within the Caribbean before the arrival of the Europeans. Coming from the Orinoco region Amerindians arrived to Trinidad as much more innovative hunter-gatherers. They had villages, wove cotton, made tools from stone and wood and also practiced their religion which …show more content…

Similarly to the other pre-Columbian cultures the Tainos perceived the world as a channel for the embodiment of supernatural power (Taylor-Kanarick, 2009). Within their perceptions it included topographies of the land such as caves, trees, mountains, rivers and the sea. They also believed that they were descendants from the unification of a male “culture hero” called Deminán and a female turtle. The female turtle was considered the ancestral mother in Taino mythology. While a female turtle carapace is worn by Deminán on his back. The Taino people honored and respected their ancestors. Hence the dead was buried under the houses except those of the high- ranking noble men and the

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