Characteristics Of The Early Factory Men Analysis

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The topic of discussion for both novels was the oppression of women and slaves and women of both groups who fought for equality and freedom of both groups. In People’s, chapter six talks about how women were treated inferior to men and were not talked a lot about in history because they were not seen as important enough. Black women had it even worse because they were already treated with little respect because of the color of their skin, but being a woman on top of that made them even more inferior. For most of history, women were subservient to their male counter parts and were told that their place was at home taking care of the family and the household. As time went on and women started branching out into other jobs, they started to want more independence and equality when compared to their male counterparts. Harriet Hanson Robinson talks about this in her work, “Characteristics of the Early Factory Girls,” and how women stood up for themselves and walked out of the mills they were working at when their pay was cut.
Women also started to monopolize the profession of teaching and because of this they were able to educate themselves and expand their thoughts on oppression. Many women who later went to college became activist for feminism and equal rights for all people. Angela E. Grimké in her speech and Pennsylvania Hall talks about not only equality for women, but mainly abolishing slavery and treating the slaves as human beings. Women started speaking out, not only for

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