Characteristics Of The Progressive Era

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During the Progressive Era from 1890-1920, Americans were looking for political, social, and economic reforms. Due to the rise of industrialization and urbanization big businesses were dominating entire industries and workers, who were replaceable and unvalued by business owners, were left to work in unsanitary conditions. Throughout the duration of the Progressive Ear, there were three presidents who based their presidencies on the fundamentals of Progressivism and strived for reform. It is often a debate whether Taft, Wilson, or Roosevelt showed the most progressive ideals. Although Wilson and Taft showed devotion towards the progressive reforms, Roosevelt was the most progressive president because he fought for the regulation of big business, workers rights, and the conservation of natural resources. President Roosevelt believed strongly in fair business practices. Because of this strong devotion to expunge monopolizing businesses he earned the nickname of “Trust-buster”. One of his most notable achievements in trust busting was the dissolution of the Standard Oil Company. The Roosevelt administration resolved to investigate J.D. Rockefeller’s monopolizing company following the action of muckraker Ida Tarbell, who wrote The History of the Standard Oil Company. He became the first president to use the Sherman Antitrust Act against big businesses for “conspiring to restrain trade”. The case to dissolve the company took 2 years to be won, with 444 witnesses called. In 1909

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