Characteristics Of The Tiger

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In The Jungle Book, the tiger named Shere Khan plays the villain. Although the movie makes the tiger look evil, it’s actually just a normal animal trying to survive in the wild like any other. Tigers are one of the biggest cats and they are carnivores. They have a territorial behavior and they are sadly endangered. Adult tigers are huge. They are 2.3 to 4 feet tall. Tigers also weigh a lot. A male tiger weighs 200 to 670 pounds. Female tigers weigh from 140 to 370 pounds. Cubs can weigh 2.2 pounds at birth. As Whitfield puts it “The largest of the big cats, the tiger has a massive, muscular body and powerful limbs.”(pg 147). Tigers are massive animals. Tigers also have long bodies. A male’s body length is from 8.2ft to 13ft. Females can be as long as 6.6 to 9ft. They can live from 20 to 26 years. Tigers can have two to four cubs every two years. Also according to the WWF “On average, tigers give birth to two to four cubs every two years. If all the cubs in one litter die, a second litter may be produced within five months.” (WWF,2017) . Tigers are known as one of the largest cats in the world. Also they are orange with black stripes, kind of like a zebra, but a zebra is white. No two tigers will have the same number of markings on their coats. Since, a tiger is a large cat, they will need to eat a lot of meat. According to Amelia Meyers in her website, tigers “have 30 teeth, them to grip struggling prey, break bones and rip flesh.” Tigers
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