Descriptive Essay On Lion

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Cherry Mae Colong
Professor Gina Crawford
English 101
29 October 2017
Lions (A Descriptive Essay)
Majestic, noble, and brave, this famous iconic wild animal on the planet has captivated the people since the beginning of time. They are most feared by other animals thus, known as the king of the jungle – no other than the lions. Member of the genus Panthera, the lion is one of the big cats in the Felidae family. A lion’s head and body size average about 4.5 to 6.5 feet and tail of about 26 to 40 inches in length. A lion also weighs about 265 up to 420 pounds and a size relative to a 6-foot human. These mammals are also carnivores. Lions have always seen hunting in groups called pride. While lions generally avoid a full-grown elephant, lions still prefer their preys large like the zebras, buffaloes, and giraffes. Poised as the top animal in the ecological pyramid, lions have strong physical qualities, fascinating reputation, and an unfortunate decreasing number of population.
Without a doubt, lions have strong physical qualities. One, in particular, is the lions’ amazingly strong forepaws. So strong and powerful that a lion could kill a hyena in just one blow. Also, a lion’s muscular body has less bone mass compared to the other animals, which makes it responsible for its graceful movements. Each of their paws is equipped with soft pads, making them soundless as they move. A lions’ eyes are well-adapted in low light, an advantage for them to go hunting at night. A

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