Characterization Of Jack In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Morning/afternoon Mrs Downes and students
Golding consciously and carefully builds his characters to reflect aspects of humanity, good or bad, these characters reflect the metaphor of ‘the enemy within’ depending on the way they choose to pursue their traits. In the Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies Jacks characterisation is brutal and mean. Jack is a big bully. These characterisations shown in jack are what is seen in life and how people can be so cruel to each other. Jacks bad ‘enemy within’ influenced the other kids in the story to beat Simon and piggy to death.

Golding characterised jack at the start of the novel as the bossy, evil choir boy, he is made to create conflict and disagreement within the story. Jack came into the story with a negative attitude and showed his ‘enemy within’ quite clearly. Jack states that he’s “ought to be chief” because he is “chapter chorister and head boy”; Golding clearly presents that Jack is an arrogant character in these two quotes. Jack is elected to be the head “hunter” and this is where he starts to create his horrible murderous like characteristics. This starts to influence other characters around him.

In relation to ‘An old Cherokee tale of two wolves’ and how there are two “wolves inside us all” either good or bad, likewise Jack and how he has evil in some parts but in other he can be kind. The text says that the wolf that will show in you (either good or bad) is the one you feed. As Jack enters the novel he already has fed

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