Essay on Jack's Power in Lord of the Flies

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Jack's Power in Lord of the Flies

At the beginning we see Jack as a well-dressed choir leader, " each boy wore a square black cap with a silver badge in it." suggesting that he is civilised. We see also from this first point that he is introduced, that he has a slightly mean streak in him as he gives 'an order' to the other choir boys to "stand still", even though the heat is far too much for them. They are in fear of him as they obey his order. The boys also did as Jack said when they "raised their hands"
"with dreary obedience" to vote him for chief.

This mean streak also occurs when he is constantly dismissing Piggy and telling him to "shut up".

When Ralph brings in rules about the conch and shelters Jack becomes
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The chapter 'Huts on the beach' is when we start to see a small division between the group.
Many of the boys want to have fun and see Jack's hunting as the fun they wanted, "this'll be a real hunt! Who'll come?", rather than building shelters.

Jack breaks piggy's glasses after he let the fire go out and the glasses are a sign of civilisation as they light the fire. It is like
Jack has become uncivilised.

When there is talk about the beast Jack tries to convince people that there is no such thing. The way that he reassures them is by asking them a question "Am I a hunter or not?" the other boys then believe him because they know that Jack will protect them. He has become a renowned hunter.

Jack's tribe appealed to the boys as they were so hungry and Jack could provide them with meat. They chase the pig shouting "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!". Jack invited Piggy and Ralph to a feast and that is the night when Simon was killed by the tribe after being mistaken for the beast. Jack offers the Pigs head to the beast. Jack assumed from the start that he "ought to be chief" as he was the choir leader and I think he resented Ralph for the fact that he was chief. Jack has a leadership quality "Jack led the way down the rock and across the bridge" and we start to see Jack use
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