Characters In The Poisonwood Bible

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In the novel, The Poisonwood Bible, the author Barbara Kingsolver details the journey and transition of the missionary Price family from their all-american lifestyle in Georgia to the jungles of the Congo of Africa. What is most intriguing about the novel is its use of perspective in which all four daughters: Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May, along with their mother Orleanna Price narrate the story, which is divided into separate chapters depending on who is voicing their outlook. Yet, what it does not portray is the father figure and head of the family: Nathan Price. Kingsolver ultimately uses the Price family women surrounding Nathan to illustrate his character arc, or rather his lack of throughout the novel. Through their eyes, it is revealed to the reader that the character of Nathan Price is extremely overbearing in his roles as a preacher, father, and husband to the point where it ultimately contradicts his plans. In The Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver develops the character of Nathan Price to reflect key ideas of power and its inevitable downfall through his character arc. At the introduction to the novel, the Price family lives in the conservative time period of the 1950s, nearing the sixties. Nathan Price reflects the ideas of the time, shown as a racially prejudiced man, which was common among white men, especially in the south, including Georgia. Although not expressed through his own words, his actions towards the Congolese gives the reader a sense of the racial

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