Essay about Characters Tested in Michael Crichton’s Sphere

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People do things that they normally would not do when they are put in certain situation that test them. In Michael Crichton’s novel Sphere, Beth does many things that she would not normally do when she is put in certain situations that test her. “‘I want to put you under, Norman. Like Harry.’ He shook his head. ‘It’s only for a few hours, Norman,’ she said, and then she seemed decide; she moved swiftly toward him, and he saw the syringe in her hand, the glint of the needle, and he twisted away… She had shut off his power, she had shut off his heat, and now she shut off his air. He was trapped” (Crichton 423-433). Beth does not act normally because she does not have equanimity after she is faced with fear, in the presence of power, and in …show more content…

This says that Beth (with the help of Norman) has to make Harry unconscious, so she uses a syringe to inject the anesthetic into Harry. This means that with Harry unconscious, the manifestations will stop occurring, that is if Harry was thinking up the manifestations. This proves that people will do anything when they are put in a certain situation that tests them because Beth has to artfully use an anesthetic on a colleague by puncturing his shoulder, and only for hope that the manifestations stop occurring and that she does not die. People do things that they normally would not do when they are put in certain situation that test them because Beth turned against her own colleague and used an anesthetic on him to make him unconscious.
In certain situations, people do things that they normally would not do. When Beth is in the presence of the power of the Sphere she accuses Norman of having the Sphere’s power because the manifestations are still occurring. “‘Beth, this is crazy. Someone is still making these manifestations. Who is doing that, Beth?’ She smiled slowly a lazy, cat smile, as if he secretly amused her. ‘Don’t you really know?’ He did know. Yes, he thought. He knew, and it chilled him. ‘You’re making these manifestations, Beth.’ ‘No Norman,’ she said, still calm. ‘I’m not doing it. You are’” (Crichton 417). This says that Beth thinks that Norman it making the manifestations so she is accusing him. This means

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